On Tuesday, March 5th, members of the CT Parity Coalition joined forces for an important press conference with former U.S. Congressman and leading mental health and addiction advocate, Patrick J. Kennedy, and CT legislators Rep. Sean Scanlon and Sen. Matt Lesser (Co-Chairs of the Insurance and Real Estate Committee), along with bi-partisan support from Sen. Kevin Kelly (Insurance and RE Ranking Member) and Rep. Brenda Kupchick (legislator who introduced the parity bill in 2018). See “In The News” for media coverage on the event.

A public hearing followed the press conference, where many advocates and legislative leaders testified. Click here to review testimony submitted for HB 7125.

Our current CALL TO ACTION is the following:

  • Talk to your legislator – Representatives and Senators on both sides of the aisle – about why HB 7125 MUST pass in 2019; see below for talking points
  • In conversations (online or in person), please share the facts about parity to help demystify the claims from the insurance industry that this bill will “incur more regulations” – this claim is false; the purpose of the bill is to standardize federal compliance across the U.S. – nearly 20 states have either adopted, are on their way to adopting, or are considering this very same legislation

The best actions we can take right now (early March 2019) is to keep the conversations going with legislators and raise the visibility of the importance of this bill. Thank you for all your efforts!

Suzi Craig, Chief Navigator, CT Parity Coalition

CT Parity Coalition Flier

The CT Parity Coalition is supported in part from the Beverly A. Walton Memorial Advocacy Fund.